What does it mean to serve someone? When you give to someone else you are pouring yourself into that person via your energy, your time and your resources. You are lifting that person up, refreshing them, assisting them and helping them stay afloat.

Service can be as simple as a waitress bringing you a glass of water that refreshes your body or as complex as buoying up a friend by being there for them in a time of crisis – day or night- no matter what they require.

And so this idea of service takes on a water-like quality for me – that when we all serve and help each other, together we stay afloat.

SERVICE -Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas, 18″x24″. Features thoughts on ‘service’ in pencil in the background. Painting is sealed and protected by a glossy varnish. No framing required – sides are painted. Painting comes wired and ready to hang so you can display your art right away!

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“Service” – Acrylic Painting by Aphiemi


You know that feeling ….when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a long time? That nervous excitement that builds in your stomach as you watch the clock, wondering when they’ll walk through the door? Or the butterflies you feel when you are nearing a place that you haven’t visited in awhile and you can’t wait to see what’s changed and catch up with old friends?

Then… when you finally reach your destination …you feel a burst of joy and relief. Embraces are shared. Smiles are infectious. Laughter fills the air. And everyone breathes a happy sigh of relief and contentment….

That is a homecoming….. and THAT is what this one is about.

HOMECOMING- Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas, 18″x24″. Features thoughts in pencil (behind the paint) about homecoming emotions. Painting is sealed and protected by a glossy varnish. Sides are painted so no framing required. Painting comes wired and ready to hang.

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Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting

Joyous Pink

Today I’ve been caught up in vibrant pinks! I can’t help it! They just grab you and say, “be happy!”

I was already contemplating all the joyous things and people I have in my life and it only seemed right that I make a pink painting to capture the what I was feeling. What’s more joyful than flowers and pink confetti?

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Mixed Media Artwork6_9_2015_Recommended Style Pairings

I just love pairing art with decor items. If I could design a room around this piece, here’s what it would include…

1. Colorblock Linen Pillows from SocietySocial, $96,

2. “Decorative Wall Vegas Mirror” from Target, $133,

3. Livingston Sofa in brushed heather cotton, flax from WestElm, $1400,

4. Barreveld Fall Iron Elephant on Stand Figurine from WayFair, $80,

5. Vera Table Lamp from Crate & Barrel, $199,