What does it mean to serve someone? When you give to someone else you are pouring yourself into that person via your energy, your time and your resources. You are lifting that person up, refreshing them, assisting them and helping them stay afloat.

Service can be as simple as a waitress bringing you a glass of water that refreshes your body or as complex as buoying up a friend by being there for them in a time of crisis – day or night- no matter what they require.

And so this idea of service takes on a water-like quality for me – that when we all serve and help each other, together we stay afloat.

SERVICE -Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas, 18″x24″. Features thoughts on ‘service’ in pencil in the background. Painting is sealed and protected by a glossy varnish. No framing required – sides are painted. Painting comes wired and ready to hang so you can display your art right away!

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“Service” – Acrylic Painting by Aphiemi