Artist Statement and Resume

About the Artist

“Kate’s work is colorful and contemporary. The way in which she paints brings a vibrancy and life to the canvas that is unexpected and refreshing. Lively brush strokes, subtle patterns and rich hues are her signatures. Her artwork is an inspiration to all who view it.“  – Cheryl Merrill, Art Client and Collector

For over 10 years Kate has been selling her original art. She specializes in abstract acrylic paintings and works full-time out of her studio in Malvern, PA. Kate holds bachelors degrees in Art and Business Marketing from the Pennsylvania State University, and often shares her artistic skills with others by leading painting workshops for children and adults.

Why I Create

Creativity is a process that at its core requires inspiration and passion. What inspires an artist is what will be imparted in the mood of what they create. As for myself, I am inspired by God’s love which is complete, unhindered love. I desire that all of my work impart love and encouragement to those who view it. I can’t think of one space – be it a board room or a bedroom- that isn’t made better with love and mutual respect. My hope is that the art I create changes the atmosphere where it is displayed to one of love, understanding, encouragement and acceptance.

Business Name

What’s in a name? A lot actually! A name denotes who we are and what we stand for. As an artist, I stand for forgiveness and love. That’s why I selected the name “Aphiemi” as my art business name. Aphiemi is the Greek word for “forgiven” and “debts erased.” This holds a special meaning for me as one who has been loved so much by my Creator that my past mistakes are no longer remembered.  Romans 4:7 puts it like this, “Blessed are those whose sins have been forgiven [aphiemi].” The “29” in the name refers to my favorite verse in the bible which reads “According to your faith, it will be done to you.” [Matt 9:29] My translation: the more you believe in God, the more he will meet your positive expectations of Him and His goodness.

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