Nothing gets by her

She knows what’s right

And she knows what’s wrong

Everything she says is true

What she gives aaa is better than gold

And where she walks are roads filled with justice

Those who love her inherit wealth

Those who listen to her are joyful.

WISDOM – 18 x 24″ acrylic on canvas

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Wisdom 12_4_15 in room



swirling… rushing… flowing…

waters surround me

their depths are steadily increasing,

the tide is pulling me out,

I’m filled with expectation

something is happening on the horizon

the sky is jubilant,

and I’m drawn towards it…

effortlessly I float across the water towards the fire in the sky

I feel such expectation… such hope

I know something good is about to happen…




Commit to the Lord

I just love creating new artwork and poems to go along with them. Equally, I enjoy dreaming up home decor items that I think pair nicely with the art I create. Here’s my latest day dream…a lovely little entryway…



12_2_2015_Recommended Style Pairings


  1. Canopy Stripe Heirloom Bowl by Jill Rosenwald in light red– http://www.jillrosenwald.com/products/canopy-stripe-heirloom-bowl
  2. “Increase” 36 x 24″ painting by Aphiemi – View in shop
  3. Diamon Ikat in Caribbean reverse by Guildery – http://www.guildery.com/collection/seafarer/lumbar-throw-pillow-diamond-ikat-caribbean-reverse_19992-86901
  4. Crosby Street Chair in Navy Twill by Society Social – http://www.shopsocietysocial.com/collections/lounge-chairs/products/crosby-street-chair
  5. Chappy Console Table in Palm Beach, Darling by Dunes and Duchess – http://www.dunesandduchess.com/all-products/chappy-console-table/
  6. Gold Pineapple Tumbler by Society Social – http://www.shopsocietysocial.com/collections/bar-accessories/products/gold-pineapple-tumbler
  7. Tini Paolo Alto Sconce in Creme from Oomph – http://www.oomphonline.com/tini-palo-alto-sconce-long.html