Commit to the Lord

Warm zephyrs swirl and lilt over the reeds.

The blades of grass do a tango only they can do.

The air is alive and active

The earth sways in chorus.

Everything is silent and yet so loud with color and movement.

They’re singing to each other…the earth and the air

…a song of love and peace.

Mesmerized by their movements,

you rest your head in the warm grass

and the breeze lightly brushes over you.

There is peace in this place.

A place to rest…


REST – 20×20″ acrylic on canvas

View in Shop


As always, I love dreaming up some fun decor items to go with the new studio creations! Here’s my latest daydream…

Rest _12_3_2015_Recommended Style Pairings

  1. Color Block Linen Pillow in Watermelon and Petal by Society Social –
  2. “Rest” by Aphiemi29 –
  3. Kingston Chair by Society Social –
  4. Christy Console Table available at
  5. Gold Lean Finial Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove –

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