At some point the darkness set it. I’m not quite sure when it happened. It settled around me without me noticing. It crept across the sky like a veil and blotted out the light. This shadowy sky offered no twilight, no sparkling stars to give me even the slightest bit of hope …..only the massive expanse of darkness.

I kept moving, trying to find some sign of light, some form in the shadows. But none came. I continued moving driven only by the hope inside me that I would find someone, something in this gloomy sea of emptiness.

And after awhile I saw it …in the distance…an opening of light. I was ecstatic. Finally! Something to move towards! As the light reached me, I saw in it patterns and shapes and colors. Where there had been only shapeless murk around me now there was vibrant color, forms and best of all …..HOPE.

I could not get there fast enough….

OPENING – 20″x60″ on gallery wrap canvas. View in the shop.

Commit to the Lord


Opening _1_21_2016_Recommended Style Pairings


  1. “Opening” Original Acrylic Painting by Aphiemi29
  2. Haley Lamp by Jayson Home –
  3. Preston Cocktail Table by Jonathan Adler available –
  4. Eloise Accent Chair Royal Blue by Apt2B –
  5. Embroidered Maze Pillow Cover in Horseradish – West Elm

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