Commit to the Lord

Warm zephyrs swirl and lilt over the reeds.

The blades of grass do a tango only they can do.

The air is alive and active

The earth sways in chorus.

Everything is silent and yet so loud with color and movement.

They’re singing to each other…the earth and the air

…a song of love and peace.

Mesmerized by their movements,

you rest your head in the warm grass

and the breeze lightly brushes over you.

There is peace in this place.

A place to rest…


REST – 20×20″ acrylic on canvas

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As always, I love dreaming up some fun decor items to go with the new studio creations! Here’s my latest daydream…

Rest _12_3_2015_Recommended Style Pairings

  1. Color Block Linen Pillow in Watermelon and Petal by Society Social –
  2. “Rest” by Aphiemi29 –
  3. Kingston Chair by Society Social –
  4. Christy Console Table available at
  5. Gold Lean Finial Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove –


Waters swirl, rush and pull hard

But it does not sink

Fire blazes, engulfs and scorches

But it does not burn

Time passes, seasons change, and things in the world decay

But it does not fade…..

……It lasts forever ….


….the only passage through life.

Commit to the Lord



At some point the darkness set it. I’m not quite sure when it happened. It settled around me without me noticing. It crept across the sky like a veil and blotted out the light. This shadowy sky offered no twilight, no sparkling stars to give me even the slightest bit of hope …..only the massive expanse of darkness.

I kept moving, trying to find some sign of light, some form in the shadows. But none came. I continued moving driven only by the hope inside me that I would find someone, something in this gloomy sea of emptiness.

And after awhile I saw it …in the distance…an opening of light. I was ecstatic. Finally! Something to move towards! As the light reached me, I saw in it patterns and shapes and colors. Where there had been only shapeless murk around me now there was vibrant color, forms and best of all …..HOPE.

I could not get there fast enough….

OPENING – 20″x60″ on gallery wrap canvas. View in the shop.

Commit to the Lord


Opening _1_21_2016_Recommended Style Pairings


  1. “Opening” Original Acrylic Painting by Aphiemi29
  2. Haley Lamp by Jayson Home –
  3. Preston Cocktail Table by Jonathan Adler available –
  4. Eloise Accent Chair Royal Blue by Apt2B –
  5. Embroidered Maze Pillow Cover in Horseradish – West Elm

Love Dance

When you love, it’s like a dance. You give and you receive, you ebb and flow, sometimes everything is peachy and other times turbulent, but when love is at the center it is all wonderful and redemptive. There’s nothing like it in the world – a true love relationship that excites and delights. It’s one thrilling dance where the music never stops.

Love dance 36″x24″ acrylic on canvas

Available in the Aphiemi 29 Shop.

Commit to the Lord

Into The Blue

Keep holding your breath….you’re almost there…

And in a split second your head breaks through the surface of the water. You gulp for air and yet feel refreshed by these tepid calm waters. The sun’s warm rays heat your face.

This is more than refreshing…it’s cleansing. Somehow underneath those waves the dirt and decay of everyday worries sloughed off. Somehow thoughts of planning and “must do” melted away. Somehow in these warm waters you found it…..true freedom.

And as you float you wonder…”can anyone ever be more alive than this?”

Commit to the Lord