5 Steps to Realize Your Decor Dreams

One of my favorite things to do after I’m finished with a painting is to imagine where it will live!

It’s fun to think about the different homes and lifestyles these paintings will inhabit.

And, of course, I have a few ideas of my own on how to decorate with these works of art! You may have seen these recommendations on the other blog posts, but here I decided to bring them together and talk about how I go about compiling a room.

6_10_15room montage

1. First things first! …Pick a mood. In other words, how do you want to feel when you walk into the room? Tranquil and serene? bold and historic? Bright and light? It’s important to consider this right off the bat. Once you have a “mood” then it’s time to …

2. Pick a color scheme. Consider the vibe you are looking to create…what colors come to mind? For instance if your mood is tranquil, then you would likely pick colors that are muted, calmer and don’t “jump” out at you when you walk into the room. Make sure you pick colors that go well together. Look at a color wheel. Each color on the wheel looks best with the two colors on either side of it and/or the color opposite it.

color wheel

For instance, blue looks great with green and yellow but also pairs well with orange and red, which are opposite it. I recommend choosing three colors and focusing on those, but do what looks best to your eye….which leads me to design step #3….

3. Look at the whole picture! It’s important that you view your room in it’s entirety and not get hung up on one piece of art or furniture. All the pieces in the room should come together to create a beautiful living space much like notes in a song come together to form a melody. If the notes don’t sound right next to each other, you’ve got a bad song… and some bad decor! Begin selecting furniture and hardware within your color scheme but keep in mind how your pieces play together. Also, it’s good to pair a neutral color with your color scheme ( i.e. black, white, gray or brown).

4. Consider style. As you select your furniture and accent items, consider style. What do I mean by “style”? I mean what style movement you are selecting things from….are you choosing mostly “traditional” style items? Or do you lean towards the “contemporary” in your style selections? It’s not a bad thing to mix styles, but I would do it in small amounts. If you’re looking for advice on decor styles, these articles offer some insight: Update Dallas, Froy Blog

5. Take your time and pick meaningful pieces. Don’t get so hung up on picking things that work together that you don’t pick things you like. Remember, good decor is worth searching for and that may take sometime, but it will be worth it in the end.

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